Anglers Against Single Use Plastic In The Tackle Trade

We are a Facebook group setup to highlight the issues with single use plastics in the angling trade. Through rising awareness and highlighting the issues to major companies we hope to make a real change in reducing the amount of plastic the industry generates every year. Join us on Facebook and let us know your positive thoughts and ideas on alternative products and see what progress we are making.


By reducing plastic packaging we can make a real difference in how we buy products. It is only by lobbying and working with manufactures that we can achieve this, but we need your help. The bigger our group is the more people will take notice.


It is not well known that most black plastic does not get recycled, even if you put it in the recycling. Due to pigments in the plastic is not picked up by recycling machines and ends up in landfill. Due to this we are also working to reduce black plastic in the industry. 


There are a small number of suppliers who are actively working to reduce plastic. Check out our list of recommended suppliers and products in the page menu and see what switches you can make to reduce the plastic you buy. 

Where you can help

The more members the group has the bigger we become and the more people will take notice. If you want to help you can start by joining the group and becoming an active member in our discussions. If you want to help further send the admin team a message and see how you can be involved. If you’re a manufacture, bait provider or tackle shop then get in touch and we can work with you to suggest positive changes. 


A few things we’re working on

We’re working as a team to make a difference, here’s some of our current projects and ideas


We’re working to raise the awareness of alternative products that are available as well as what companies are working on for the future. By giving anglers a choice we can help to show there are alternative products that are the same quality just with less plastic.


Through our Facebook group we are working to help retailers see that there are lots of anglers out there who don’t want lots of plastic every time they go to the tackle shop. A simple change like paper bags instead of plastic is an easy place to start the process for stores.


By getting manufactures on board with our project we can address the issue at the route. As the quality and versatility of environmentally friendly products improves manufactures have more options for the packaging – We just need to show them it’s what we, the consumer, wants.  


Bait companies also produce lots of plastic with bags for boilies and pots for hook baits. There are alternative options for these companies to use.
We’re also looking at reducing the use of black plastic lids on the pots, which don’t get recycled in kerbside collections currently.

Current Companies

Here are some of the companies offering environmental packaging that you may not know about.

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Our Team

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Steve Burgess

Steve “Budgie” Burgess, 58 years old , angling for over 50. Generally known these days as a pike angler but an all rounder having fished for most species at one time or another. Owner of BASS-ONLINE (Budgies Angling Sales and Services) now based on the Norfolk Broads. Qualified in Fisheries management and Consultancy, degrees in Freshwater Biology and Aqua culture. In both voluntary and paid roles I sit/have sat on various conservation/angling group boards/advisory committees.

Mike Brown

Entrepreneur, angler, activist, campaigner for environment & social justice . Founding Trustee of Zoological Society of East Anglia, former chair Gateway A11 East, Founder & Technical adviser Fresh Pod Ltd & Enviro-pod Limited, founder of 5 major business forums across Norfolk with 400 members. Founder of Local Flavours now biggest artisan local produce trade show in UK.

Brett Cox

Dedicated all species angler of some 35 years, passionate about enjoying the pastime that has captivated me since I was a child in an environment free of pollution and waste. I was raised enjoying all the outdoors has to offer and feel responsible to pay back everything it has given me.

Chris Turnbull

Coming Soon

Richard Storer

Coming soon.

Latest News

Check out our latest news on what’s going on with the group and see who’s launching new environmentally friendly products. 

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