How do I book a ticket on the website? 

Angling Trust delivers a wide range of exciting competitions across all disciplines, and we have something for everyone. You can buy your tickets for our competitions through our online booking system, simply click the following link: Competitions – Angling Trust. 

We have prepared a video walking you through how our booking system works. Just click play on the video found here: How to Book Tickets. 


How do I cancel a ticket? 

If you wish to cancel a ticket, you can do this from your member account by navigating to “Your Dashboard” in the top right of the website and selecting the “Your Competitions” tab. Alternatively, please inform [email protected] by email, and include your name, the name of the qualifier you would like to cancel, your membership number & post code. We require 3 days’ notice prior to the qualifier to be eligible for a refund. Any notification outside of this time scale will not be entitled to receive a refund. Please note: There is no secondary market for the sale or transfer of any tickets. 


I haven’t received my ticket via email. How do I obtain another copy? 

All your competition entries are stored in your dashboard. You can download and print your ticket by logging on to your account on our website and clicking the “Your Competitions” button. This will show your forthcoming competition entries and you can click on the link to download the ticket 


If the ticket is not showing in “Your Competitions”, please email [email protected] with your name, the location, and the date of the match that your ticket is for. 


Can I get a refund and when will it be in my account? 

If you have cancelled your ticket more than 3 days before the qualifier you are entitled to a full refund. This will be processed the following Friday, after which the money will be refunded to your original payment card within 5 working days. 

If exceptional circumstances occur within the 3 days prior to the qualifier that prevent you from attending, please email [email protected] and the team will do their best to help. 


Where can I find info about your competitions? 

Head to the ‘Competitions’ section of our website: Competitions – Angling Trust 


To find out about our Coarse competitions please head to our website using the following link: Coarse Competitions – Angling Trust 


To find out about our Game competitions please head to our website using the following link: Game Competitions – Angling Trust 


To find out about our Sea competitions please head to our website using the following link: Sea Competitions – Angling Trust 


To learn more about Team England please visit our website using the following link: Team England – Angling Trust 


To read the latest news on our competitions please visit our website using the following link: Competition News – Angling Trust 


Where can I find a copy of the Angling Trust Model Match Rules?

A copy of the Model Match rules can be downloaded here


Do you have a reserve list for sold-out competitions? 

No, due to the way our tickets are sold we unfortunately can’t hold reserve lists. If an angler cancels their ticket, it will automatically go back on sale on our website.  

If you are looking for tickets to sold out matches, please keep checking back on the website to see if any become available. Alternatively, on a Monday at 1pm we will put up for sale any remaining tickets bought by the anglers who have qualified the previous weekend. There is no guarantee that they had tickets for the match you’d like to attend, but it’s worth checking the ticket page at this time each week. 


Can I transfer my ticket to another event? 

No, our T&Cs prohibit ticket transfers. 


How can I check whether my Angling Trust membership is still valid? 

You can check your membership online day or night by logging into your members dashboard on the website.  You do not need to wait for tickets to go on sale – you can check at any time to ensure that you are ready to purchase.  Simply click ‘Login/Register’ in the top right hand of our website.   


If you have been a member of the Trust in the last few years please don’t click on ‘Register Now’.  This will start a new membership application and will request an additional payment.  If you haven’t logged into the site before or if you have forgotten your password, you’ll need to set a new one first.  Click on ‘forgot your password’ and enter your membership number – a reset email will be sent to the email address we have on your record.  (It should come through immediately – if it hasn’t please check your junk folder as they sometimes end up in there).  We recommend a password that contains both an upper and lower case letter as well as a number.  Once this is saved, you can login.   


When you reach the dashboard, if your membership has expired, it will inform you and ask you to renew by clicking on ‘renew now’.  You can then pay by card or direct debit and even set a recurring card payment to avoid your membership expiring in the future.  If your membership is still current, you can view your personal details including the membership expiry date and you’re all set to buy the ticket of your choice when they go on sale. 


When will the peg draws take place and how can I find out which is mine? 

RiverFest: These will be done on the day at HQ, normally at 9am. Please check the website for confirmation of each match’s HQ location and the draw time. 

National Championships: These will be done on the day at HQ. Please refer to the corresponding National match booklet for each National Championship for details.

SilverFish: These will be done on the day at HQ, normally at 9am. Please check the website for confirmation of each match’s HQ location and the draw time. 


When will I receive my pools payment? 

For National Championships pools winners will be contacted within 7 days of the match to request their bank details. Once we have received bank details from all winners of that match, the winnings will be processed by Finance. The money can then take up to 5 working days to reach your bank account once it has been processed. 


When do tickets go on sale? 

Initial ticket launches will be advertised on the website and the Angling Trust Competitions Facebook page in advance of their release.  

For FishOMania, Boddington and RiverFest, qualifiers will have any remaining tickets refunded and re-sold on the website on the Monday following the match at 1pm. For Wednesday qualifiers, they will be re-sold on the Thursday following the match, also at 1pm. 


I have qualified. Do I need to do anything to get my refunds? 

Congratulations! Don’t worry, our team will sort out your tickets for you. The Monday following your qualifying match (or Thursday if the match was on a Wednesday), we will cancel your remaining tickets and they will go back up for sale on the website. The following Friday these will be processed by Finance, after which the money will be refunded to your original payment card within 5 working days. 


I’ve entered my rod licence number incorrectly. How can I change this? 

Please email [email protected] with the name and date of the match, your name, your membership number, and the correct rod license number. 


My child doesn’t have a rod licence, but the online booking system requires one in order to buy a ticket. 

If your child is under 12 and therefore exempt from needing a rod licence, please write “not needed” in the rod licence box. 


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Sorry, the time allowance for your purchase has expired.

Your tickets have been un-frozen, if you wish to re-claim them, please try to purchase again.