Sea Angling Funding

Recreational sea angling is a recognised stakeholder in UK fisheries management under the Fisheries Act (2020) and is consequently able to apply for funding that promotes the development of the sport and ensures its sustainability. £18 million is available through the Fisheries & Seafood Scheme and £100 million is available through the UK Seafood Scheme until 2025.

If you have any questions on funding please email the Angling Trust’s Policy & Advocacy Manager, Hannah Rudd, [email protected]

Fisheries & Seafood Scheme

The Fisheries & Seafood Scheme has committed £18 million over the next three year's for England's marine fisheries and seafood sector. Funding is available for health and safety equipment, environmental projects, and partnerships that improve the sector. Projects can be single-year or multi-year with the minimum for all projects £500 and each scheme criteria having its own maximum threshold for funding availability so please check general guidance for more information. Funding is match funded. Applications are open on a rolling basis until all funding has been allocated until 2025. Contact the Marine Management Organisation regarding any application queries: [email protected]
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Skills & Training: UK Seafood Scheme

Round 1 currently open for applications: deadline midday Wednesday 12 October 2022. £10 million available in total: £5 million is available for training courses and specialist equipment through round 1 and £5 million for modernising and building training centres (round 2). Funding is match funded and open to public bodies, private to small enterprises, private trusts, trade associations and fishermen’s associations.
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Infrastructure: UK Seafood Scheme

The UK Seafood Scheme Infrastructure pillar is focused on capital infrastructure projects that meet the minimum threshold of £150,000 for funding. Projects may include pier renovations, installing fish cleaning stations, and improving health and safety, for example. Funding is match funded.
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Fisheries Industry Science Partnerships: UK Seafood Scheme

The FISP scheme and the Seafood Innovation Fund share the £24 million of funding allocated to the science and innovation part of the UK Seafood Fund. All FISP projects must be a partnership between a member of the UK seafood industry and a research organisation. Defra plans to open a final round of bidding from 21 November 2022 until midday on 5 January 2023. These dates may change.
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