It’s an exciting time to be a sea angler in the UK. Now a recognised stakeholder under the Fisheries Act (2020) sea anglers have a new platform for their voices to be heard. Ongoing developments around Fisheries Management Plans, new funding opportunities and an increased recognition of the value of sea angling to coastal communities are all propelling the sport into a new direction. This is our collective chance to secure an ambitious future for sea angling.

As the recognised national governing body for angling in England we are committed to protecting fish, fishing and the environment our sport depends upon. It’s no secret that our seas are in a dire state. For our sport to thrive both now and in the future it is vital that our marine environment is sustainably managed. We are standing up for sea anglers rights, lobbying government for better management of recreationally-important species and promoting the socio-economic value investment into sea angling can deliver across the country.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Angling Trust. Our technical Marine Advisory Group (MAG) provide us with advice on nationwide sea angling-related policy and is comprised of experienced sea anglers and experts on fisheries science, policy and management. Through our Regional Voluntary Group (RVG) we want to hear from you about the local issues that are important to you, your community and your fishing experience. We host regular Virtual Sea Angling Forums on a variety of topics of interest to sea anglers to give you the opportunity to pose questions directly to organisations like the Marine Management Organisation and Defra as well as to hear about projects going on around the country related to sea angling.

While sea angling has many opportunities now on its doorstep, challenges are on the horizon. A collective voice for our community has never been more important. Join the Angling Trust today and support fish, fishing and the environment.


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