Our Mission Statement

Anglers against single use plastic

Our Mission Statement

Our environment is being swamped in single-use plastic. Very little of it is recycled and tons of it is ends up in our rivers and oceans every day, where it gradually breaks up into ever smaller pieces and is consumed into the food chain, ending up in the food we eat.

As anglers we have a vested interest in conservation of the environment, especially our rivers, lakes, and seas. However, the fishing tackle industry and trade is adding a huge volume of single-use waste plastic packaging to this problem and it is now time it put its own house in order.

Every visit to a tackle shop ends up with us taking home an amount of packaging that usually outweighs its contents. While most anglers have a responsible attitude towards their garbage, most of this single-use plastic is not and cannot be recycled, with far too much of it being discarded on the banks! The time has come for the tackle trade and industry to take a proactive stance and change to using smaller amounts of packaging, most of which should biodegradable or compostable packaging.

This group “Anglers Against Single-Use Plastic (in the tackle trade)” exists to spearhead the campaign for a change not only for responsible, biodegradable packaging, but a complete change in our attitudes towards packaging and plastic waste.

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